Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Second Lining with sax player Steve Allen; catch Allen & Rust at the Noble Savage Fri, Sept 1

Second lining on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was not something I wanted to do. Nearly all the umpteen parades I've led in these couple of decades of second lining in Shreveport have been performed to recorded music. Recorded music is a necessity in many situations. But for a serious occasion like Katrina - and at a musician's forum - I said I would dance only if there was live music. Happily, I was talking to producer Julia Foley, a can-do woman, and she connected me with Steve Allen, man with a horn.

Steve, on sweet and powerful alto sax, with me and Jerry Davenport, originally from the Ninth Ward, New Orleans, led the line at the forum and it felt terrific.

The goal established by Foley and myself, both involved with the Faces of Katrina exhibit at Artspace, is to organize a brass jazz marching unit ready to be booked in carnival season. Pardon my nosiness, but isn't it time that Shreveport's krewes and party producers book live jazz bands for all their Carnival occasions? Not just the rare deal, but consistently. As in * this Is Louisiana.*

Said busy musician Allen,"It was fun to play, especially on the anniversary of the storm. From there I went to Centenary, where my partner in my jazz group - Doug Rust - was having his faculty recital. It was actually really a blast, he's the jazz guy there and he proved it. I was on part of the performance for 5 pieces. Not easy pieces, either."

Musicians who want to play, please drop me a line or call 318-861-6809. Needed are a bass drummer who can bang a cymbal atop the big drum as well as a snare, tuba and lead instrument such as clarinet, trumpet or sax. A banjo would not be turned away. The pay would be union scale. Be ready to march while playing Crescent City basic repertoire.

Adds Allen, "I'll be standing by for exciting, worthwhile and lucrative (not necessarily in that order) musical ideas."

Krewe-types, call to book this mythical marching group. At Artspace, we want this group for the closing of the Faces of Katrina exhibit.

PS, wrote Allen: "Doug Rust and I are at Noble Savage Friday night. Please come and enjoy and bring the wife, too."

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Aaron Butler said...

I'd love to play bass in the brass band... I myself have had the idea for quite a while.