Sunday, August 13, 2006

Target bargain: 256 mb USB drive for $13, according to local newspaper ad

Every serious secondary school student, artist, advanced techie kid, etc, should have one of these to:
* store projects and open them up at home or in the library or your mom's office or grandfather's house.
* store writing Or powerpoint-type projects.
* store photos.
* store music, too.

They replace the diskette. Diskettes are frustratingly easy to damage and quick to fail. Saving to a CD usually means the material is frozen.

A flash drive lasts years and is endlessly erasable and loadable. I've used 2 of them for maybe 3 years now - a 128 mb and a 256 mb - and they're super effective. One way I use them is transfer material from my desktop computer to the laptop. I often move projects from home to work on a flash drive.

See background on the flash drive at

There is a cheap alternative: send your material to a site such as They will store a large file for one week, free. You can download it anywhere. Not quite the same utility and ease of a USB drive, but an important item to know.

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