Saturday, August 26, 2006

Artists guide kids' activities at Artspace during Faces of Katrina exhibit

During the week, students from Webster, Bossier, Lincoln and Caddo parishes will visit Artspace with their teachers. On weekends and afternoons parents can take their kids to the dramatic exhibit called Faces of Katrina.

These artists will aid them as they enjoy a couple of the 9 exhibits designed for youths. From left front: Steven Sofer, Jamie Dromgoole, Tamura Davenport, Linda Gaston, Karen Wendt, Judy Hegrle, Robin Jenkins, Jerry Davenport, Michael Neal Philips, Tony Kean and Jane Heggen.

Artspace is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10 - 6. The Kidspace FunArtorium is open 10 - 12 and 2 - 4 on Saturday.
Mo: 673-6500.

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