Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What, you don't have a site? You kidding?

Duke of Ducatoon
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Trudeau's back on Please find my alternative self at

Soon, I'll open a myspace page for Triage music and podcasts. New sketches are coming, too. BTW, who's your favorite local wit or band with a myspace site?


Anonymous said...

Charlotte Rice's myspace page cracks me up.

Brett Roman said...

Myspace is great, but gosh, it runs so poorly at peak hours.

magnolia_mer said...

No offense, but the Myspace interface is so cluttered and clunky-looking. I prefer your blogs. Much more pleasing to the eye.

Your flickr page is fun to browse. You take and collect wonderful photos. Thanks for the inspiration.

trudeau said...

Thanks, Magnolia, for your sweet response.

And merci to everyone else for providing perpective on the hugely popular myspace. I'd never stopped to think of how poorly designed it is. Looks like chewing gum under a desk.

Neill Normand said...

that would have to be S'port's most eclectic and energetic band in years---DIIIIIIIRRRRRTTTTFFOOOOOOT! Winners of this year's Battle of the Bands. (Whoo Hoo!)


And they're playing this Friday, Feb. 17th at Artspace! An experience not to be missed!