Sunday, February 05, 2006

Houston's long-lived independent record store, Cactus, closes its Montrose doors

Story from the Sara Cress Houston Chron music blog, Handstamp:

Cactus Music and Video closing

Cactus' manager Quinn Bishop announced today that Cactus Music and Video is closing on March 31, 2006.

Not only is this depressing news for those music fans who feel at home at Cactus, it will also hurt local artists trying to sell their CDs. Every band I know will rattle off all of the Web sites where a person can buy its CDs and always adds, "and, of course, Cactus." Many of them also champion Bishop as a person who cares about Houston music.

There will still be all the other places where you can buy your CDs (if you still buy CDs, that is) but no other place matches, for me, the leisurely, funky atmosphere of Cactus. And no other music store in town hosts in-store performances with well-known touring artists. It will most certainly be missed.

Do you think Cactus' closing will have any effect on Houston music? Will you happily just go to Soundwaves instead? Or do you no longer visit music stores at all? Discuss in the comments.

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magnolia_mer said...

The days of the independent record store are over, I'm afraid. How can they compete with Best Buy and for price and selection? Small bands can produce and market their own music direct to consumers via the Internet. If you need a 'music sommelier' you can visit and read some great reviews. Occasionally you'll find a music expert at your local Barnes & Noble.

I've never lived in Houston but I am nostalgic for the days of Shreveport's Stan's Record Shop and Sooto's. I'll bet few of your readers can recall those places.

Unknown said...

Many cds in my collection come from Cactus as well as Sound Exchange in Houston. I was just saying the other day that an independent record store would take off in Shreveport. But this may give second thoughts to any gutsy investors.

Jon Schleuss said...


i miss my anthropop of little rock, oh rod for gov!