Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dorothy Kristin Hanna and Sondra Fraleigh present EastWest Somatics Workshop March 13 - 17

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EastWest Somatics Workshop: Expression & Myth,
Excavating Body Memories and Possible Selves

March 13-17, 2006
Arodasi Dance Center
Shreveport, Louisiana
Dorothy Kristin Hanna and Sondra Fraleigh, instructors.
Workshops meet Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm. Tuition is $792.

Course content includes imagery and myth, guided
movement practice, core movement patterning, experiential anatomy, somatic yoga, hands-on movement therapy, intuitive dance.

Plus, Sondra Fraleigh is an expert at Butoh.

Info: dorothykh@earthlink.net or Eastwest@frontiernet.net

Illustration: Katura Kan Butoh Performance at the Art Institute of Chicago

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