Friday, February 17, 2006

The Tailor of E. Kings Hwy at MLP: adept cast brings elan to first production

The best thing about The Tailor of East King's Highway, a first drama by Jeffrey Kallenberg, may be the young cast. But the script is capable and the direction adept.

At Marjorie Lyons Playhouse Phillip Brooks oy-veys across the stage, providing a Jewish father foil for one and all. Jeni Loer and Courtney Gaston are charming and capable as the adult women. Sarah Smith brings a light-up-the-stage smile and voice as the daughter. And Tim Broderick's laser gaze and stentorian voice supplies edge.

Director Walter Schoen has made a lovely chicken broth from the dramatis personnae. Kallenberg's work in progress is a pleasant surprise.

See it Feb. 16 - 18 at 8 pm. Box office: 869-5242. See more at


Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

What great art at MLP! Is that an original Michael Moore hanging behind J. Kallenberg!?? Oh my!

trudeau said...

Lol, Debbie. The art show at MLP during The Tailor of E Kings Hwy was vinously tadasanic. In other words, the colors and images mostly leaped off the canvasses onto your tongue and eyeballs.

The show, which included high-profile artists such as Michael Moore and Tony Reans, was the first group exposure for the West Edge Arts Co-op. The West Edgers are going to place art exhibits in as many venues as possible, says Reans. To exhibit at MLP during the run of a premier work by a local playwright was a smart partnership.