Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Singers & poets and their friends invited to Shreveport's Java Junction to perform Wed, Jan 4, 7:30 pm with songwritermagiciancomicartist Dan Garner

Java Junction is the cafe across from Centenary College at Alexander St, next door to the almighty temple of hardware and advice called Centenary Hardware (what terrific service!).

Java Junction been through numerous hands in recent years. Most of the renovation schemes have been what I would term simply- to moderately- atrocious. Lee and Susan Bamberg, however, have given the place pleasant colors and furniture. Theirs is the best version yet.

Bamberg's food is delicious. The Chicken Alexander sandwich with home-made pasta I've eaten several times; it's consistently sweet, tender and toothsome.

Along comes a new opportunity to enjoy the room: Dan Garner will set up his traveling poetry and songsters road show in the front room Wed, Jan 4, at 7:30 pm. No telling what you'll hear past the droll, politically satirical and tuneful Garner. But whatever it is, I recommend it.

More info: 865-9313. Performers, please check in with Garner at 934-0000.

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trudeau said...


Songwriter's Night last night was shuckin' & jivin'! thanks for your Blogspot posting.

We had a lot of talent show up. Guitars kept rolling in! I emailed Dan to ask if he knows how many folks came to play, how many got to play, etc. and I'll keep ya posted.

This is a promising deal, I think. Hope to see you there next Wednesday. I'll email you pics ASAP.

Also, this is a great gig for high school students. They're dying for places to play, I'm sure, and I just don't know if they actively seek out public venues. So, how do I get the word out to area high school talent? How do we get the younguns in here? Any aid/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a mil!

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