Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Indie, experimental psychedelic aleatory strum and bash from Tungsten74 at minicine? Wed, Jan 11, 8 pm, 836 Texas

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Tungsten 74, based in Brooklyn, claims to be amused at being mentioned by the New Yorker as an experimental rock band. See their citation on the tungsten74.com site. They are due at minicine? Wed, Jan 11, says David Nelson.

Opening for Tungsten is ecelectic local band Mosquitosophagus. Recently writer Jennifer Flowers interviewed Mosquito Eric Dean and the band in an article on pop musicians' enjoyment of classical music:

"For Dean, who also enjoys the rhythmic cycles of classical Indian musicians like Ravi Shankar, an appreciation of classical music can be gained with open-mindedness. "I don't know how someone can be a musician and not sample every style. For centuries, (classical music) was all that music was."

Dean, Pete Fetterman and classically trained violinist Destiny Toro recently started the band Mosquitosophagus, which experiments with a 150-year-old cello, a laptop, drums, a guitar, Toro's violin and the soundboard of a piano they found in a trash heap.

So they don't have the whole piano, and nobody knows how to play Fetterman's mother's cello. But Mosquitosophagus believes that as long as something can make noise, it's fair game."

At minicine?, writes Nelson, "Our new space is not really open officially but we could not let this chance pass..... Tungsten 74, on tour, returns to Shreveport... Mosquitosaphagus ReAwakens from a lengthy sleep... Hard hats still required."

Wed, Jan 11
846 Texas Avenue

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