Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A San Francisco woman looks at the devastation and recovery in New Orleans; 'It's a good time to visit."

holiday cheer from new orleans
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A photog who goes by the tag fotogail reports on flickr.com, "We had a great time in new orleans, spending vacation bucks on amazing live music and astonishingly great food in the slightly damaged parts of the town. the french quarter, the garden district, uptown... those places are part of the narrow crescent-shaped area the area the locals are calling "the island" where it didn't flood or only flooded a few feet, briefly. the oldest historical buildings, most restaurants and most hotels are in that high ground area, and quite a few have reopened to their former glory! it's a good time to visit.

whole large neighborhoods -- many dozens of blocks each on perhaps a hundred streets -- are not "on the island," and the smell of mold and sight of debris is stunning.

local residents kept telling us to go out into residential neighborhoods to look at the destruction and tell people how extensive it is, so i will start by passing along this holiday message for the powers that be, posted on what was an affluent modern home near the 17th street canal levee breach."

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