Friday, January 13, 2006

The Reshaping of Shreveport Blog

For the past year I've run Shreveport Blog as an internet news post for the arts. It has been a serious and consuming hobby. Today I've reconsidered that pathway. The flow of selected and jazzified press releases was an experiment in new media, and I can see that its usefulness to the community was limited.

No matter; I enjoyed the endeavor and have developed new friends by the experience.

Now I want to focus on you. Shreveport Blog is a model. Your arts organization, your personal art flow or your business ought to communicate with clients and friends via a similar format. You can have your own version of it very cheaply, and for a reasonable fee I will set you up and make sure you are comfortable updating, when needed, this sort of flexible comunications satellite.

Photography is also a service for you to consider. Page back over the year of posts on SptBlog and decide whether you'd like to hire me to cover your event or start-up situation.

Video documentary work is a growth area for me. And I continue to be a creator of soundtracks. Arts-minded projects in video and music will consume much of my time in the near future.

Shreveport Blog will certainly continue to exist, but from today it changes directions. What's recommendable in arts & entertainment this weekend you may find in other media outlets.

The reshaping begins with a still life by artist Talbot Hopkins. Please see her web site,, and consider having your own such easy-to-manage info center.


kathryn usher said...

No more ShreveportBlog? Damn it! I hate change!

Dan Garner said...

Ah my blog-mentor, parting is such sweet sorrow...
I feel like a major artery to the local arts will be cut, with your direction change, but I can only imagine the time you must have spent, to have covered the broad spectrum of "goings on" that you did.
Bon Voyage, Robert!!


mfitzgerald said...

I am saddened to learn of this change of events. I, too, hate change, especially in this instance. I have thoroughly enjoyed your efforts in print and in pictures to make this blog not only informative but fun to read as well. I especially enjoyed viewing the Faces blog after exploring this blog first...kind of a "one-two punch". Adieu.

Noma said...

The most bothersome thing about you not continuing to do it as you have is that no one else will. If only there were an underground paper or community blog of this quality OR if the local newspaper reported as deeply as you did...Sigh. Your efforts will be missed. (PS SRAC should've had you on their payroll; you reported artspace better than they ever did!)

trudeau said...

You guys are warm and generous.


Now , on to the permian permutations.


Brett Roman said...

Bah, where else am I going to read complex words and phrases that I don’t understand. I’m not even sure what you are talking about in this post. But from everyone’s reaction, it sounds like your leaving the blogspot. Your humbleness prevents you from taking much credit, but not only did you give my band it’s first “break” but you also inspired me to become the writer that my 5th grade teacher at Caddo Heights said I would be one day. Your attitude and work ethic in promoting the arts have left a lasting impression on me. 3 cheers for Trudeau.

Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

You'll get bored working exclusivly for other people. You'll be back.

I'm holding my breath.