Sunday, April 03, 2005

Shreveport band the Rock Popes Saturday night, Ap 9, at Sharpies

Unlike me, the Shreveport band called the Rock Popes are not taking advantage of the passing of Karol Wojtyla, revered as il Pape, despite their terrific tie-in. In fact, has a warm commemoration and a commitment to observe the novem diales, the traditional 9 days of mourning. Their web site will be dark for the nonet, they say. Teaching the raucous rock audience a bit of Latin/Italian is not the usual fare, is it?

Yet children must be fed and the show must go on, as all popes (means "father," right?) know. So you can hear a performance, says their website forum, on Saturday at Sharpies.


Anonymous said...

Robert, you have to stop using these big words, I have to read all of your stuff 3-4 times to make sense of it all ;)

brett roman

Tom E. Gunn said...

I'm just honored to be written about (and called "dude" by) a very well respected educator from my Alma Mater!

Thanks, Mr. Trudeau

Tom E. Gunn
Caddo Magnet High School - '93

trudeau said...

Monsieur Roman, you are far too modest - but I appreciate your wit.
Tom, Delighted to know you're a CMHS alum. No wonder you're so adept at mixing the profane with the sacred. Looking forward to hearing the band or at least your recordings.