Friday, April 22, 2005

Mars Vegas at Lil Joes Grill Saturday, Ap 23

Chadwick Leger, Brett Roman and Josh Coker may be releasing their first CD at Lil Joes tonight, but they have managed to pump up the whole original music scene for some time with their high and voluble vibes. There will surely be a creative posse hanging at Lil Joes for the Mars Vegas show.

See more at the Times. Brett says he just added an mp3 of Pop Ice to the MV site. See above.

Also, see photos at ShreveportTwo.


Brett Roman said...

Show is actualy on Saturday the 23rd, Mars Vegas will be attempting a take over of Monroe tonight, the 22nd. Also check out the phat preview cover story from the shreveport times.
I recommend the paper edition for full effect.

Thinkingmom said...

I, for one, will certainly be there! Good luck taking over Monroe, boys!! I'm sure you will succeed

trudeau said...

Thinkingmom, I appreciate your enthusiastic vibe and posting. Thanks for helping create a community dialogue on SptBlog.