Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hey God and Shakespeare Back in Action at Fairfield Studios Tues, Ap 27 and Wed, Ap 27

Hunter Carter plays the All-knowing in the film Hey God, made by students Carter and Evan Falbaum. The short comedy won the 2004 Louisiana Film Festival student competition's LPB Award.

The Robinson Film Center (until recently the Louisiana Film center, once upon a time the RAFT, now the RFC) will air Hey God on Tues, Ap 26, at Fairfield Studios, 7 pm. It will be followed by the acclaimed independent movie Garden State.

The RFC will present Evan Falbaum's new comedy Shakespeare Back in Action on Wed, Ap 27, to be followed by Robert Harling's movie Soapdish.

While admission is free, seating is limited. Plan to arrive early, says the RFC's Chris Jay. More info: 424-9090.

Carter and Falbaum are students at Caddo Magnet High School. The school's Mosaic Film Festival has been cancelled, according to sponsor Kay Gammill.


Hunter said...

Thanks for the plug, Mr. Trudeau. This should be fun. Also, though the Mosaic is cancelled, we (Danny, Evan, Shane, and I) are trying to get some sort of private/independant festival together.

Hunter said...

Also, we won the LPB Award at the LAFF. Et Tu won the Best In Show award.

Just a minor correction.

DANGe said...

Hi Tadasana,

You are wonderful. That being said I have an announcement to make. Bill Daniel will be showing his film "Who is Bozo Texino?" at Joe's at 7:45pm. Admission is free and donations are gladly accepted. Thanks wonderful!

Rob P.

Chris said...

Robert, this is the best name a blog has ever had. And I think I have heard all of them. I've got a computer-tan.

As opposed to an Amy Tan.

Chris Jay