Monday, April 11, 2005

French-speaking performers come from across the globe to perform in Lafayette

Festival Internationale de Louisiane, to be held in Lafayette Ap 20 - 24, is more exotic than the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest.

Performers and chefs from Europe, Africa, Canada and the Caribbean ensure a ripping good time. And there's art of every description. Your collection of paintings and sculpture will certainly swell if you visit Festival.

In Shreveport, thanks to I-49, we are so close that a day trip is not out of the question.

See more at the site de Festival.

If you've got stories of favorite times at Festival Internationale, please post them here.


Anonymous said...

I love this festival! I have the best memories from when you performed. We caught a breathtaking performance of men with tree trunks made into drums! -A

Anonymous said...

Lots of advantages to this festival, over the Jazz Fest in N.O. First, FI (Festival Internacionale) is free admission. Parking is easy, close to the site, and free. You can bring in your own ice chest, in case you don't want to be buying drinks all day (in the heat).

Sometimes, musicians/bands that are en route to the Jazz Fest stop and play at FI.

It's an easy day trip from Shreveport, but if you DO decide to spend the night, accommodations are MUCH cheaper than in New Orleans.

And lastly, it's not SOOOO crowded. Jazz Fest, though it is wonderful, is extremely crowded, any day that you go. (I stopped going to JF when it got so packed, even on Thursdays.)

All in all, FI is a GREAT way to spend a sunny April afternoon and evening.


trudeau said...

What a nifty and helpful review, Paula!

Thanks for the memories, A.