Wednesday, September 23, 2015

LaFilmPrize 2015 publishes schedule of screenings and event schedule for Fri, Oct 2, through Sun, Oct 4

Honey 2 1

Five screening theaters will give the 2015 LaFilmPrize attendees useable options on the Oct 2 - 3 weekend, says Gregory Kallenberg.

1.Central Artstation
2.Robinson Film Center
3.Underground Theater (623 Texas St)
4.Capri Theater
5.Louisiana Boardwalk

Friday, Oct 2, at 9am the ticket/pass exchange will open at Tipitina’s Music Co-Op - 700 Texas Street. Films begin Friday morning at 10am. From that point forward, films will screen nonstop at the five venues around downtown Shreveport and one in Bossier City. "You may pick any screening you’d like to attend but remember, theaters fill up fast," says Chris Lyon. "Show up early and be ready to wait - and have some unscheduled fun in the process."

Ticketholders may vote only after they have seen all 20 films.

Saturday, Oct 3, the ticket/pass exchange opens at 8am. Screenings begin at 9 and rotate all day long. "You must have voted by the end of the festival day on Saturday night for your ballot to count," says Lyon.

Sunday, Oct 4, LFP will announce the winner in a live stream online at 11:30am, Live stream will begin. Noon, Awards Ceremony Begins. "By 1 pm, we will know the winner of Louisiana Film Prize 2015," says Lyon.

LFP tickets.

Btw, Shreveport Blog author Robert Trudeau and partner, Talbot Hopkins Trudeau, are ambassadors for a charming, poetic 11-minute movie called Honey and the Hive. It was made by New Orleans filmmaker Austin Alward, a fellow who fell in love with Shreveport when he worked on the Hank Williams bio, I Saw the Light.

Honey and the Hive is about an adopted girl who worries about her fate as her family awaits the arrival of a birth child. She resembles the queen bee who seeks a new home and worries whether the new hive will accept her.

LFP 2015 events map

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