Thursday, June 14, 2012

See downtown Shreveport as crafted in paper by Ilia Shvetsov, aka Russian Sam, professional scale model builder in Priladozhskiy, Leningradskaya Oblast, Russia

Downtown Shreveport by Russian Sam
Downtown Shreveport, a photo by Russian Sam on Flickr.

A most delightful scale model of downtown Shreveport has been built and photographed - some 50 photos are on - by a professional model maker in Russia.

Ilia Shvetsov is a scale model maker in Priladozhskiy, Leningradskaya Oblast', Russia (a suburb of St Petersburg), according to his Facebook info, and works for Amadeo Studio.

In addition to his Paper Shreveport he has created Paper Tulsa, Paper Midland and Paper Oklahoma City, according to his flickr photos. Additionally, in 2010 he enjoyed an extensive visit to Oklahoma City.

Liz Swaine and Chris Jay have declared that they are making additional inquiries into the background of his fascinating work.

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