Friday, June 22, 2012

Caddo Commissioner Matthew Linn to Mayor Cedric Glover: "Let's continue the dog park progress; we're really on the same page."

In an interview with Caddo Commissioner Matthew Linn today an olive branch was extended to the mayor in regards accepting the Red River Waterway Comm funds for a city dog park.

"This represents an ideal joint venture between the parish, the city and the RRWC," explained Linn. "We're really on the same page."

"The Red River Waterway Commission committed money to a dog park. But that does not mean that the city's requests won't be fulfilled," said Linn.

Linn believes that the Caddo Commission request for a dog park got priority "because we made a persuasive presentation. We see the dog park as a very positive presence on the river." Also, the Caddo Commission has made only 2 requests for funds over the 14 years that the fund has been available.

The RRWC funds come from a millage on property tax voted 14 yrs ago. Every parish touched by the Red River pays the millage. "The bulk of the money goes toward maintenance of locks and dams, insurance and dredging. It is also designated to increase safety and recreation on the Red. The monies can be applied if the improvement is on the water or within some 250 ft of the banks."

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Matthew Linn said...

Property owners outside the city limits pay this 2.38 millage to the Red River Water Way. We asked for monies to fund the dog park from taxes paid not within Shreveport city limits. Animal Services is a Caddo Parish function for all town in Caddo Parish including Shreveport.