Sunday, June 10, 2012

ACT's Legally Blonde continues at MLP, Centenary College, Shreveport,Fri, June 15, Sat, 16 @ 7 pm and @ 2 pm, Sun, June 17

Chemistry and harmony between Maddison Gilcrease and Christian Dantes was part of the success of the Academy of Children's Theater production of Legally Blonde on Fri night.

Directed by Cynthia Whitaker and Lauren Ross, the singing was guided by a 6-piece rock orchestra - featuring first-rank musicians - under the direction of Daniel Ley.

Courtney Van Eaton blew up the show with voice and character at the midpoint. She and a comic Bryan Wooley made an effective team.

Recommended as a feel-good entertainment from a well-trained and hard-working gang of handsome teens.

ACT's Legally Blonde at MLP, Centenary College, Shreveport, Fri, June 15, Sat, 16 @ 7 pm and @ 2 pm, Sun, June 17
$15 / 20
Tickets, Tues - Fri, 11 to 6 pm, 318-741-8310.

The cast includes Caroline Laborde, Meagan Crews, Cara Watson, Carrie Anderson, Alyssa Farmer, Alex Wallace, Kera Shaul, Jori Jackson, Maddison Gilcrease, Brett Stephenson, Denny Reedy, Catherine Laborde, Trey Jones, Steven Belk, Thomas Woodruff, Blake Jones, Kolby Lebetter, Isaiah Jones,
Elizabeth Ross, Madeline Wagnon, Rachel Van Doren, Chris Cole, Christian Dantes,
Courtney VanEaton, Kevin Jones, Meagan Tinsley, McKay Crews, Blake Jones, Brooke Reedy, Megan Jones, Bryan Wooley, Bailey Fielder, .Zoey Lex and Mallory Johnson.

Musicians: Daniel Ley, Mark Griffith, Mark Drews, Dan Santelices, Mike Scarlato and Chris Robinson.

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