Friday, April 27, 2012

Review / Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler and Vanessa Redgrave smoke Shakespeare in a classic tale of war, Coriolanus; highly recommended at RFC

Ralph Fiennes by cinematographer
Ralph Fiennes, a photo by cinematographer on Flickr.

Good writing remains good writing, some 400 years later. That's one of the lessons to take away from the Ralph Fiennes movie version of Shakespeare's tragedy, Coriolanus (1605).

It's a smoking, muscular movie about war and pride and a warrior and his mother.

The sweat of Fiennes plays against the majesty of Vanessa Redgrave, abetted by the towering Gerard Butler and decorated by Jessica Chastain. Indeed, it is superbly cast.

Fiennes has also swung the most active cameras I have seen and found a drum-minded composer that ripped the air.

Relevant Shakespeare.

Highly recommended at Robinson Film Center.

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