Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Evan Falbaum and Moviesauce crowdsourcing part of sci-fi script, THE Total Human Experience, for the Louisiana Film Prize, Shreveport

In the movie-mad city of Shreveport, there's another opportunity to be part of the film making energy: visit to check THE Total Human Experience.

From Evan Falbaum, the writer/director of "Getting Outer Space," comes a short film about the future of social networks and how we're on a path to share our personal experiences with greater detail and realism than ever before, says Moviesauce. The film explores the hypothetical technology and the potential impact of it, while drawing parallells to many modern tech companies.

The short film is in competition for the Louisiana Film Prize, where the goal (apart from making an awesome short film) is to win $50,000.

"Produced by Moviesauce, we have an experienced crew of filmmakers who have both worked together on previous projects and have solid film industry experience," says Falbaum.

Scriptwriter-director Falbaum and producer Erica Callais have a kicker: "We're so eager to have your support that if you donate to us and we win the LA Film Prize, we'll not only return your investment, we'll give you 50% of what you gave us on top of that. You give us $10 and we win? We'll turn around and give you $15 of the prize money. We're that serious that we're willing to give up a portion of our potential winnings just to return the favor.

This isn't simply an opportunity to help us. It's an investment."

Crowdsourcing? Falbaum and Callais are soliciting your personal videos for use in their film. Send footage to

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