Friday, April 20, 2012

Evan Falbaum and Erica Callais, Shreveport, want your videos to be part of their Louisiana Film Prize movie

"Take a minute and imagine that in the future you have the ability to share your experiences with other people. Not just pictures and videos, but the entire emotional experience is captured and can be sent to other people to experience exactly the same way you did," writes Evan Falbaum.

"You can record whatever you want. Say you really enjoy cutting grass. It makes you happy. What if you could bottle that experience and the feeling you get from it?

Now, over the next two months (that is before July 1) if you experience something that you hypothetically would want to share with the world, be it a concert or a party or a date or a road trip or skydiving or cooking or tying your shoes or playing with your dog or going to the dentist or putting on a performance or writing a novel or painting a house or anything, and you have the means to record it - even just 10 seconds of cell phone footage - you can send it to Erica at and it'll be used in the movie.

If you can also include a brief description of why this moment or thing or activity is significant to you, that would be a plus.

Sound like fun?

Good. It will be. Send whatever you want. We need a lot of stuff."

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