Sunday, April 08, 2012

One day only: Texas Avenue Maker's Fair on Sat, April 14, from 1o am to 5 pm, downtown Shreveport at the corner of Common St (Line Ave) and Texas Ave

Jewelry, paintings and sketches, furniture, honey, candles, notecards, things made from metal, string and recycled soy: the Texas Ave Maker's Fair offers shoppers a multifarious market.

Pastries and heartier fare allows visitors to brunch as they wander. Admission is free and free parking is all around the site.

Adjacent to Maker's Fair is the Aseana Spring Festival. More entertainment and exotic food awaits - from 11 am to 5 pm - at this elegant fest. Also free, the Aseana Fest features the culture of Korea in arts and eating.

Sited at the corner of Texas Ave and Common St - adjacent to the First United Methodist complex - a walk around the Maker's Fair / Aseana Fest neighborhood will be a tonic.

Across Crockett St, the Central Fire Station is being renovated as the Central Arts Station, new HQ for Shreveport regional Arts Council. A few steps away at 846 Tex Ave is minicine?, long a vibrant location for avant garde arts in the city.

Across Milam St is the spanking new Emmett Hook Center for drama built by First United Methodist. Nearby are historic Oakland Cemetery and the vibe-heavy Municipal Auditorium. Two blocks away is Millennium Studios.

Go on bicycle? With backpack for bringing home the goodies? Maybe, baby.

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