Friday, March 25, 2011

Transition to Sustainability Workshop

April 9,10, 2011 - Northwest Louisiana Permaculture
Location -10 miles north of downtown Shreveport, LA

Learn by doing, an opportunity for all members of the Northwest Louisiana Permaculture group.

April 9, 10 (Sat./Sun.) - Establishing a Food Forest

Forest gardening is a food production and land management system based on woodland ecosystems, but substituting trees (such as fruit or nut trees), bushes, shrubs, herbs and vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans. Making use of companion planting, these can be intermixed to grow on multiple levels in the same area, as do the plants in a forest.

Varieties of perennial trees, shrubs, climbers, ground cover, and nitrogen fixing support species have been chosen specifically suited for the local climate, and the design mimics all 7 layers found in a natural forest. These plants will be very young and some will take 5 or more years to become productive.

Please RSVP to receive details of the workshop. Or email Alana Oldham at

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