Friday, March 04, 2011

Red and Black Brass band, Blanc et Noir in the Krewe of Highland Parade, Shreveport, Sun, March 6, 2 pm: Join us!

If you catch the Carnival vibe do not hesitate to join the second liners in the Blanc et Noir Marching Society as we join forces with the 6-piece Red & Black Brass Band on Sun,, March 6.

The krewe - a very loose aggregation of partiers - gathers about 1:30 pm at Columbia Cafe. The parade rolls at 2 pm.

Contributions to help pay the band are still needed. And dues/contributions are definitely adjustable.

What to wear? Mostly we wear motley black and white rags purchased at second hand stores or found in the attic. But there are no firm rules about costume. Comfortable shoes Are important.

More info? See the blog, to catch our tune. Or phone me at 318 861 1519.

The more the merrier. And if you love and honor New Orleans, Blanc et Noir is your krewe.

- Robert Trudeau

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