Saturday, March 12, 2011

Roller Derby: Twin City Knockers versus the Vicious Vixens of Texarkana, 7 pm, Bossier City Hot Wheels, afterparty at 516 Texas St, Shreveport

Roller Derby by Wintrmute
Roller Derby a photo by Wintrmute on Flickr.

Writes Blue Lee-Martin, "I recently discovered there's a roller derby team in our area (I know; where've I been!?). They have a bout, game, whatever you call it tonight at 7pm at the Bossier City Hot Wheels. Afterwards NXNW is sponsoring an afterparty at 516 Texas st. downtown Shreveport at 8:45am Sat, Mar 12."

"You know an hour of hardcore derby skating isn't enough to fill your Twin City Knockers and Vicious Vixens fix! Come party with us after the game at 516 Texas, where we'll have food, drinks, and Live Karaoke courtesy of The Cheapskates. And live music."

Lee-Martin adds, waving her arms and wiggling her toes, "I love having a local roller derby team."

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