Wednesday, January 12, 2011

William Joyce presents Gone with the Wind at the RFC on Sat, Jan 15, 12:30 pm

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"I'm probably one of the last generations that has grown up with this movie -one that has been culturally significant to me as a southerner," says William Joyce.

"I saw this in the theater when I was a kid, even though my parents told me that this movie was just filled with grown-ups, it was really long and would be boring. My reply to my parents was 'well, the poster looks cool and everybody talks about it.'"

Joyce adds, "When you go see this movie it is a completely dream logic, child friendly, crazily entertaining movie with the old style of film making that completely wraps you in its spell. There is some stuff in this movie that will make you cringe politically and even acting-wise. However, this movie seems to transcend all of its flaws and the changing times. So, if you want to see something that has made such a cultural impact with great and powerful characters, then Gone With The Wind is the movie to see."

The Robinson Film Center will hold a 12:30 pm introduction by William Joyce followed by the 1 pm screening of Gone With The Wind. There's a 5 pm reception for members,too.

More at or call (318) 459-4122

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