Sunday, January 02, 2011

Evoking Allen Ginsberg's epic and epochal poem, "Howl": the eponymous movie at RFC this week

HOWL and other poems
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Adrienne Critcher writes, "There are going to be two highly-anticipated gay-themed movies showing at the Robinson Film Center soon. PACE is in fact sponsoring the RFC during the run of "I Love You Phillip Morris". I want to encourage everyone to see both these movies at the RFC to show them how much we appreciate their support of our community."

"The RFC," she continues, "has faced criticism and funding challenges from both the City of Shreveport and the City of Bossier City for simply hosting PACE's Gay & Lesbian Film Festival for the past two years, yet they have been steadfast in their support of our film festival and outside the film festival, in consistently bringing excellent gay-themed movies and movies with strong gay characters to the RFC (e.g., "Milk", "A Single Man", "Valentino: The Last Emperor", "I Am Love").

You can find out the times when "Howl" and "I Love You Phillip Morris" (and others) will be showing by visiting the RFC's web site.

and you can read the New York Times' reviews of both movies."

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