Saturday, January 08, 2011

Postponed a week: Celebrate 12th Night with Blanc et Noir Marching Society on Sun, Jan 16, 1 pm, at Brother's Seafood, Monkhouse

It's what we do in Louisiana. Especially those with who care about keeping New Orleans culture alive. Begin the season of Carnival with some kind of Twelfth Night conge.'

The Blanc et Noir Marching Society will fait its annual Twelfth Night Brunch at Brother's Seafood on Monkhouse on Sun, Jan 16, 1 pm.

Brother's (318) 675-2703

Pay independently ($9 - &16).

Please send me your reservation asap at

Photo above was from a few years ago, when the Chapman's were in the Red River District. Had some garlic and oniony times there.

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