Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blue bins: let city council members know you support Shreveport's single-stream recycling program

Writes Michael Corbin, "I encourage you, your class and those who read your blog to email EACH MEMBER of the Shreveport City Council supporting our current single-stream recycling program. We all recognize the importance of recycling and it is important at this time to let our City leaders know it is important to the citizens."

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caroline said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word Robert! My thoughts are these:

I feel like recycling is critical with the rate we are filling our current landfill. I'd like to delay the expense of creating a new landfill as long as possible.

2.50 is relatively inexpensive for a recycling service. We need to expand recycling to businesses and multi-family buildings. This would dramatically improve the results for the program --think of the paper waste alone created by local businesses.

The more important question is about the 2.50 fee for typical garbage pick up. To incentivize recycling and reduce the waste going to our landfill, this fee should be higher than the recycling fee. Even a 5.00 fee per month is still cheap for garbage pick up. Can we not charge the whole 5.00 for garbage and make recycling free? This would be a better policy --more consistent with our community's goals as stated in our new Master Plan.

Other ideas for improvement: Some communities offer different rates for different sized bins. So, a smaller bin would be cheaper. And anything outside of your bin gets charged an extra fee by weight.