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Unusual musical comedy from Centenary drama dept: A New Brain performed Ap 15 - 18 @ MLP

Ap 15 - 18 @ MLP
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Dancing medical walkers? A tango performed around a hospital bed? An overbearing mother and a belligerent frog? What's going on here? Welcome to the celebrated musical A New Brain, where anything can happen and anything often does, says Erik Champney.

An endearing but cynical composer, Gordon Schwinn is trapped in a dead end job writing songs for a childrens television show starring a man dressed in a frog suit. About ready to give up on his whole life, Gordon collapses while lunching with his agent Rhoda. In the hospital it is learned that he has an Arterial Venous Malformation (AVM), an abnormal connection between veins and arteries. A life-threatening brain surgery is required.

With his lover Roger and mother Mimi at his side, Gordon alternates realities between hallucinations and moments of clarity. His greatest fear is dying with his best songs still inside of him; and so from his hospital bed, and while in a coma, he begins to imagine them coming to life.

Gordon Schwinn ------------ Erik Champney
Roger Delli-Bovi -------------- Holt Kirkindoll
Mimi Schwinn ----------------- Rachel Havird
Lisa, the homeless lady - Emily Mwakitawa
Rhoda ------------------------ Kayla Clemons
Mr. Bungee, the frog ---------- Scott Gibbs
Richard, the nice nurse - Merwin McCrady
Nancy D., the thin nurse -- Chelsea David
Dr. Jafar Berensteiner -------- Destin Bass
Minister -------------------- Stephanie Boyd
Waitress ---------------------- Amanda Hock
Ensemble --- Danna Leary, Michelle Horan

PERFORMANCES at Centenary College's Marjorie Lyons Playhouse
THURSDAY, April 15, 8pm
FRIDAY, April 16, 8pm
SATURDAY, April 17, 8pm
SUNDAY, April 18, 2pm

Box Office: (318) 869-5252
Open Noon-4pm Mon, April 12 - Fri, April 16
Open one hour before curtain

Directed by Emily Heugatter.
Musical direction by Julius Abrahams.
Chroreographed by Chelsea Powell-Davenport.

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