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Call to artists from SRAC re an installation called 50 years of Bubble Wrap; exhibit opens Sat, May 15

310/365 || Wrapped
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SRAC's 50 years of Bubble Wrap call to artists includes artwork but extends the call to sculptural installations, fashion, kitsch, jewelry and accessories, and culinary art as well.

The artwork specs:
a. Size: There are no minimum or maximum size constraints. However, the installation or artwork must be able to fit through the double doors. There is no “roll up door” at artspace; the maximum pre-built size is 7’ x 48”; however, there is time for the artist to complete – or assemble – the work within artspace. The ceiling is 14’ tall and the building is 40’ wide. There are two walls, each with 75 linear feet of space; there are portable walls that each measure 3’8” wide x 8’ high.
b. Type: All forms of painting, prints, sculpture, fashion, mechanical, and installations that engage public participation.
c. Style: No specific “style” has been set. The overall “feel” of the exhibit should be fun, pop-y, and interactive.
d. Bubble wrap will be provided to each artist. Other supplies are the responsibility of the artist.

3. Timeline:
a. Due date for submission: April 15
b. Review/selection date: April 16
c. Notification of approved design: April 20
d. Art delivered to artspace: May 10-14
e. Promotional obligations (Opening/Press Release opportunities)
f. Payment timeline: (check available on soonest pay period date to follow)
i. $300 at signing of POP! contract
ii. $200 upon completion and delivery of artwork to artspace

4. Budget:
a. Total Fee: $500 + Bubble Wrap supplied to artist(s). All other materials are the responsibility and expense of the artist(s).

5. Criteria for artist's eligibility:
a. Submit a proposal!
i. Tell us what you want to do with Bubble Wrap
ii. Explain the meaning/symbolism/purpose or other information about the design
iii. Tell us how much Bubble Wrap you will need to complete the project
iv. Tell us how it will be installed
v. Tell us what you need in terms of support from the artspace team
vi. Tell us how the public will interact with the artwork (note: it is completely acceptable that the interaction be limited to viewing it!)
b. Submit a “to scale” design or designs (up to 3) of the proposed artwork
c. Demonstrate previous experience through work samples (slides, disk, or email of previous works)
d. Demo professionalism (union, SRAC Artists Roster, other awards, or other commissions)
f. Questions: call Megan: 318-673-6535
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