Thursday, April 22, 2010

Master Plan process calls for Scenario Public Meetings in May; expensive, lengthy procedure requires participation to succeed

Shreveportitis says, "Why worry about the future and the idea of planning and dreaming? Nothing will come of it." That, of course, is a self-defeating attitude.

Here's what I've found at the planning meetings I've attended:
- I've met people who care deeply about Shreveport's future and who refuse to be inhibited by the naysayers.
- I've met a cross-section of citizens: people representing West Shreveport and North Shreveport as well as East Shreveport. A lot of the participants are newcomers but there are also old guard people like myself.
- I've had my attitude improved and bank of ideas enriched by listening to my neighbors.

The city is paying a company called Goody Clancy a lot of money to hold meetings and help us shape our thoughts. It behooves us Not to waste that investment.

At the Scenario Public Meetings coming in May the goal is to paint scenarios for how to make our vision for Shreveport-Caddo a reality. Strategies to be discussed -
- Attracting jobs and expanding economic opportunity
- Providing more housing choice and revitalizing neighborhoods
- Creating a vibrant downtown
- Extending networks of parks, trails, gardens and natural areas
- Ensuring a robust system of infrastructure and public services
- Finding ways to fund public investment and attract private investment

All the meetings below are identical in content and format so choose the one that is most convenient for you, says Goody Clancy.

Scenario Public Meetings (all 5:30-8:00 pm)
Mon, MAY 10
• West Shreveport Library, 4380 Pines Road
• David Raines Library, 2855 Martin Luther King Boulevard
Tues, MAY 11
• Cedar Grove/Line Avenue Library, 8303 Line Avenue
• Hollywood/Union Library, 2105 Hollywood Street
Wed, MAY 12
• Shreve Memorial Main Library, 424 Texas Street
Thurs, MAY 13
• Broadmoor Library, 1212 Captain Shreve Drive
• Hamilton/South Caddo Library, 2111 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop

Updates on the Scenario Public Meetings: the Shreveport-Caddo Master Plan website

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