Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Keachi painter Travis Whitfield completes photo and soundtrack exhibit in Houston, planning multi-media exhibit in Shreveport

Sully: photo Travis Whitfield
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"In the early 1970's I was photographing black men in my neighborhood for my paintings. I got real involved with them and recorded them while they told their stories," says Travis Whitfield, a landscape and portrait painter of wide renown based in Keachi, Louisiana (once we spelled it Keachie).

From those 35 mm photos and recordings he has fashioned an installation called Travis Whitfield: Further on Down the Road.

Alas, his recent exhibition of that assemblage in Houston has finished its 4-month run at Project Row House, an art center in the Third Ward.

But he is in negotiations for a site that will allow Further on Down the Road to be seen and heard in Shreveport.

About the life of rural Black Americans in the early 70's he remarked, "It is now a distant time and place."

See his photos at traviswhitfieldart.com. He says the photos are selling surprisingly well.

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