Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One comic, one dog: one show on Sat, Jan 3, Fairfield Studios, benefitting Robinson Rescue

From the Austin Chronicle about Arthur Simone, who will do a benefit for Robinson Rescue on Sat, Jan 3 at Fairfield Studios:

Arts Review January 25, 2008
Description: The first week brought packed houses, captivating shows, and the promise that the rest of the fest will be just as magical
"...The first director I ever had told me this important adage: "Never go onstage with an animal or a baby – you'll always be upstaged." ColdTowne's Arthur Simone, however, has thrown such caution to the wind with his improv show Buddy Daddy, featuring just a man and his dog. Luckily, Simone knows how to handle both an audience and Robin Goodfellow, his adorable beagle/dachshund mix..."

Sat, Jan 3, 7 pm
Fairfield Studios
$20/ donation
Rock & roll music open from Powder Keg.
Gumbo by Herby K's.
Cash bar. Raffle.

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