Monday, December 29, 2008

Academy of Children's Theater production of Wizard of Oz continues the magic Jan 1 through Jan 4 at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse

Cynthia Whitaker, director, and Lauren Ross, choreographer, have developed the Wizard of Oz for their group of 50, the Academy of Children's Theater. It opened last weekend and continues Jan 1- 4.

Dorothy is played by Meredith Little, the scarecrow by Holt Kirkindoll, Tin Man by Shreveport City Councilman Bryan Wooley, the Cowardly Lion by Mike Martindale and the Good Witch by Bridget Winder. The Times Alex Kent, in his review, wrote of Winder, "she also brought grace and melodic charm to a musical that has the power to transport."

Shreveport Blog asked Winder about the challenges in her role: "Since Glinda is so sweet, it's very easy for her to fade into the woodwork. The biggest challenge in this role is to be bright enough that she is not forgotten on stage. Mrs. Whitaker does a great job of directing us so that every actor is seen by bringing out the "acting" in all of us."

The pleasures in her role? "Glinda is not in many scenes, so I get the pleasure to help the other cast members. They are all so incredible."

Her favorite scenes: "I adore watching Meredith Little (Dorothy), because she is SO bright on stage. My favorite moments on stage have to be watching the munchkins. Those kids have worked so hard and they are adorable! Honestly, the whole show is a favorite moment. There is something to love in every line. This is truly a magical show."

Sat & Sun, Jan. 3 - 4, at 2 p.m.
Th, Fri and Sat, Jan. 1 - 3, at 7 pm.
Marjorie Lyons Playhouse
$25, adults; $20, students, seniors and children.
Tickets include a character meet-and-greet and autograph signing after the show.
(318) 869-5242.

Photo by Amanda Nicole Winder.


Anonymous said...

These prices are ridiculous! When local community theater (adults)are charging less for their productions than a theater comprised of unskilled kids, then something's out of balance. Even our PROFESSIONAL theater is only charging $10 more and they are comprised of skilled, trained actors and staff working in theaters across America.

Anonymous said...

I consider these kids to be the most talented ones Ive ever watched or worked with. This show was incredible. Meredith Little, who played Dorothy, exceeded the limitations that were put forth. She definatly is one of the most talented actress's of our time. Way better than Judy Garland could ever do!