Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas in the Sky sold out; Shreveport Regional Arts Council knows how to assemble a fundraiser for its party-loving public

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At $250 a ticket, Christmas in the Sky has sold out, says Pam Atchison. The end of the ticket line arrived Tuesday. The big night is Sat, Dec 13, 7 pm to 2 am.

SRAC has a new way to add fund-raising value to the event. If you are a ticket holder you may bid upon items in the Sky auction by going to the new online site,


Anonymous said...

Love the mudflap image on their website! Shreveportacular!

Unknown said...

The mudflap image is very much like the naked sushi woman at CIS last night. See The Times photo gallery "The Christmas in the Sky PART TWO" Gallery - Image number 5.

Anonymous said...

Awesome party!!!

Anonymous said...

I attended "Christmas in the Sky "and had a great time!I was disapointed to find no pictures of the "Live and Let Die " section on the Shreveport Times website.It rocked!!! The Tarot cards and the Voodoo dolls were absolutely amazing!!!Outstanding artwork of murals and vibrant colors!!!The atmosphere of moss covererd trees and New Orleans influence were incorporated to fully reflect the Louisiana aspect of the film.If someone has pics please put them on this site.

Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

Oh God more photographs!

Ms. Usher, I propose "Christmas in the 'hood" next year.

We'll have it at our house (in Highland, where the artists live), and we'll wear comfortable clothes and not make artists & young people whore themselves around for money.

And there will be ART!

What a concept!?

Anonymous said...

Apparently MS.Engle has no joy in her life,you are really sad.I'm so sorry that you think you live in the "HOOD".This event was for a great cause,maybe we should have a telethon for you to buy a heart.These are people who give so much of their time volunteering to provide children with access to ART,what do you do for the community?

Anonymous said...

I'd say Debbie just about has it right. SRAC is just another horrid "charity" case that lives vicariously through the efforts of hard working artist.

SRAC is an organization that waste money like there is no tomorrow. All this money they are raising at events like Christmas in the sky is blown on extravagant, unneeded, feel-gooderies these silly old rich women like to indulge in.

It's about being seen. period.

But you'll just think as you will.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to be the 8th comment, to keep this going!!!
Sounds like quite a brouhaha (sp)
I had to choose between tickets to Christmas inthe Sky or the Rockettes. Tough decision. Funding the ARts is very important, the Rockettes in town is a once in a lifetime experience, too bad they couldnt have been at Christmas in the Sky. I'll probably send a check to SRAC for Artbreak.

Unknown said...

I’m wrong. There was no naked sushi woman. According to The Shreveport Times reporter Maggie Martin on her latest blog post “Golden Bond Babes Cavort at Christmas in the Sky” the woman offered up her back as a plate for pastries “Two particularly attention-getting Bond Babes: The pole dancer in red platform stilettos and hardly anything else, certainly attracted the attention of hubby Paul, who shot digital frame after digital frame, and the barely-clad Bond Girl whose back was the table for the pastries.”

For those wanting more pictures The Shreveport Times website now has FIVE galleries of photos.

I wonder what Clementine Hunter and Clyde Connell would say if they were here to attend CIS 2008. Would an event like that find its way into a piece of their work? I know I’m now playing around with a piece of artwork that’s my response to all the pictures I viewed. I’m sure it’ll appear on my stream in the next week or so.

Deb – I’m down with an event that happens each year CIS doesn’t. Let’s do it in Highland. It would be great to have an event that was as well attended as CIS where artists could put the money in their pockets.

BY THE WAY – I’d love to see this dialogue continue and have folks use their real names and not some made up ones or hide behind “anonymous.” But that’s just my personal pet peeve. And by the way comments are not places for personal attacks, that’s what trolls do (Google "troll" to find out what I mean). Comments are places to discuss the original post put up by the blog owner. Thank you Mr. Trudeau for giving us this space to discuss the issue that is Christmas in the Sky.

Anonymous said...

There Is an anti-Christmas in the Sky event: it's David Nelson's Xmas under the Ground. Wish someone would send me an evaluation of the local videos aired Sat night at Lee Hardware. Art was curated by Jen Wasson.

For me the most artful section of the event at LaDowns was the You Only Live Twice, which featured gigantic but ethereal Momo blossoms and Japanese lanterns. It was designed by Brian Sullivan and James Osborne, I was told.

CiS is a specialty event; I don't think anyone is forced to attend it. We found that people were having a good time and were basically relaxed. Our favorite entertainment was Kathy Fontaine's
gang of dancers, the Port Belly Project. They were jammin. Loved the Beatles tribute band, too.

Srac is not a perfect institution but it puts a lot of money into the community. Local artists are fortunate to have a choice. They can be steely and create their work without benefit of bureaucratic support. Or they can apply for fellowships, grants and contract work that will help pay some bills.

Both groups have their merits, I think.

Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

Did I insinuate that living in "The (Highland Neighbor-)Hood" is a bad thing?

Please forgive me!

All of us who have the honor of living in Highland tickled pink about it - please come visit, Anon...we won't even make you buy a $250 ticket!

Yes, Kathryn, what would Gwen Norsworthy, Lucille Reed, and the other important Shreveport artists think about CIS?

SRAC does some good things in the community, in spite of the pink stilettos and boobs on parade and whatnot. It's just sad that they have to resort to sextactics to raise money.

One more thing, Anon, I'm a professional artist & teacher - when I'm not working to take care of the needy & homeless in NWLA.

Maybe you'd like to bring your big ol' heart & volunteer with me sometime? ;)

Pan's Pantry said...

You're a bunch of firebrands, I tell ya!