Sunday, December 07, 2008

Drama community pulls together effectively, says Times writer Kent in review of Shreveport Little Theater's drama Rabbit Hole

Mary Thoma, Shreveport
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Shreveport Little Theater's presentation of the award-winning drama Rabbit Hole won plaudits from Times arts writer Alex Kent this weekend.

Kent acknowledged the cast with these remarks: "Mary Alfred Thoma's performance is rich with struggle, emotion and strength... Emily Brooks' skill at drawing out the nuance of a brash but sympathetic sister makes us care deeply ...Jared Watson ... skillfully directs a volatile, emotionally draining play ...Patricia Reeves, who plays Becca's mother, offers one of the funniest, most balanced dramatic performances in recent SLT memory ... the production design work of Josh Talley, David White and Shelly Price is elegantly simple and adds a clear punch to the drama."

See the Kent article, which addresses the dynamics of the arts community.

Rabbit Hole continues at MLP on Fri-Sat, Dec 12 - 13, at 8 pm and on Sun, Dec 14, at 2 pm.
$10 / 13 / 15
(318) 424-4439.

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Anonymous said...

What a great privilege for local audiences to see two wonderful Pulitzer Prize winning shows in a month's time.....DOUBT presented by the River City Repertory and now this. My vote goes for DOUBT but kudoes to SLT!