Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sexy bikes needed in order to save the planet; the style-conscious have a huge role to play in getting Americans back to the bike

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The likes of Alex Kent, commuting on a bike for a Times series, and Maurice Loridans, a long-term bike commuter, should not dominate thinking about what constitutes bike style.

My friend Kenneth Berg, a sharp-dressed guy who likes biking, knows there's more to life than a sensible commuter bike or super-functional road bike (he has both). Berg has insisted from the beginning of his return to biking that cruiser style must be served.

First he bought an Electra cruiser called a Rockabilly Boogie. It's a rolling conversation piece, a feel-good, retro, boutique bicycle. It was somewhat expensive and is also a bit heavier than his practical bikes.

But when he rides, people grok his bike. They ask him what it is and where he got it. His wife, Emily, has an Electra, too.

Recently he acquired an Electra Townie 21 Art. Now he has the gears to make life very comfortable.

Some of you are thinking, "I'll find an old bike and do the retro thing for cheap." Yes, that is a time-honored tradition. Of course, some of you are planning an art bike.

Bike enthusiasts love to get maximized. But we love to watch those who are about being stylized.


Alexandyr Kent said...

I couldn't agree more. My mtn. bike seems to be working for me, but I don't think some people would go for it. I think a lot of the rides that sit more upright -- many of which Robert links to -- would be more comfortable. And style? I'm completely jealous of all those who look hipper than me.

Alan said...

My blog has some pics with Berg in them from a ride we did last Tuesday.

I'm more of a practical guy when it comes to bikes. I race 'em but I do like them to look cool. You should have seen the bikes at our time trial last night...THOSE were sexy bikes!

trudeau said...

Yes, high-dollar, high-tech bikes are sexy, too. Where's your blog, Alan?