Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lexi Langs at River City Rep to play in Member of the Wedding; play opens at Scottish Rite Temple Wed, July 16

Lexi Langs is a 13 year-old from Florida who has come to Shreveport's River City Repertory Theater to play opposite Margaret Avery in Member of the Wedding. She performed the Frankie Addams role at Barksdale Theater, Richmond, Va, last year.

From the Richmond theater's blog, penned capably by Bruce Miller, we hear that Member of the Wedding "is a highly theatrical evening that is language- and character-driven rather than plot-driven. It emotionally transports us back to the sultry Southern summers of Carson McCullers' early adolescence. The lonely and precocious 13-year-old was played with staggering sensitivity by real-life 13-year-old Lexi Langs."

Member of the Wedding is adapted from the novel, of which Wikipedia says, "It is the story of 12-year-old tomboy Frankie Addams, who feels disconnected from the world -- 'an unjoined person'. She dreams of going away with her brother and his bride-to-be on their honeymoon, following them to the Alaskan wilderness. She has no friends in the small Southern town in which she lives. Her mother died giving birth to Frankie and her father is a distant, uncomprehending figure. Her closest companions are the family's African American maid, Berenice Sadie Brown, and her six-year-old cousin, John Henry West."

The show is being directed by Patric McWilliams with light design by Tristan Decker, costume and set design by McWilliams, sound design and original score by Kermit Poling. Stage manager is Alan Berry.

Additional members of the cast are Benjamin Maxey, Leonard Yoakum, James Monk, Jennifer Warren, Stan Blackshire, Nicki Daniels, Charity Schubert, Catharine Barbaree and Lorna Dopson.

Box Office hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon through Sat.
Tickets: $35.00 for Orchestra & Upper Center Tier; $25.00 for Upper Side Tiers.

Reservations: 318-868-5888.

The show opens Thurs, July 16, at the Scottish Rite Cathedral and runs through July 20th. More at River City Rep.

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