Friday, July 04, 2008

Best movie of the summer is at Sciport: new Imax movie on the Grand Canyon

If the movie title "Grand Canyon" makes you think "Ho hum," you're going to be happy with the new release being shown at Imax Sciport. With music by Dave Matthews and narration by Robert Redford, the new "Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk," is spectacular.

This may be the best movie of the summer. For instance, the watery chase scenes equal the excitement found in a James Bond movie.

The trek is narrated by a river guide - a Havasupai woman - alongside an author-photographer and his comely daughter. Also on the trip are river advocate Robert F Kennedy, Jr, and his daughter, Kick.

The Grand Canyon, the Colorado River that runs through it and the larger Southwest region, is under threat of changes on a geologic scale. Lake Powell and Lake Mead, which supply drinking water to the region, could dry up within years, in part due to a decades-long drought.

The condition begins with global warming and the melting of mountain snowpack that supplies the Colorado River with water. In part it's due to chronic mismanagement and over-reliance on the river for multiple competing uses: agriculture, drinking water and wildlife.

Thus the movie is sensual but far from simple.

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Tor Hershman said...

I've read that the film is better than seeing the canyon live.

trudeau said...

Oh yes, let's have a bit o sarcasm!