Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yoginis Monica Fayad, Kathy Fontaine planning Global Mala Project for Lotus Center & Columbia Cafe for Sun, Sept 23

Yoga devotees Monica Fayad and Kathy Fontaine are leading the planning for a day of peace and yoga on Sun., Sept 23. Events will take place at Lotus Center, 444 Olive St, and Columbia Cafe, corner of Creswell and King's Hwy.

It's part of a world-wide day of peace called Global Mala (a mala is a string of 108 beads used in prayer).

Events on the current docket include
* 12:30: a gathering at Lotus Center for yoga. Artists are being invited to sketch and photograph the yoga session.
* 1:30: the gathering will bicycle or walk to Columbia cafe, corner of Creswell and King's Hwy.
* 2:00: water and snacks at Columbia Cafe. Making of luminaria to place on the periphery of the site near nightfall.
*3:00: musical concert and dancing. Band(s) to be announced in the near future.
4:00: Sound & Light video / music show of local work.
5:00: more music and dance.
6:00: Lighting of luminaria.


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