Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cody Lowery turns 22 - along with his band, the Blue Birds; catch them at Jayne Marie's Fri and Sat with Miki Honeycutt

Cody Lowery
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The Bluebirds will be at Jayne Marie's on Cross Lake Fri & Sat, Aug 17 & 18, says Bruce Flett. "Call 318-631-0919 for reservations," he continues, "for Upstairs with the Bluebirds with Miki Honeycutt. We'll play 7 - 11 pm this weekend. It was packed last Fri & Sat, so it is recommended you call ahead! And look in Friday's Preview of the Shreveport Times tomorrow for a picture and writeup."

Flett follows his press release with an Elvis story, and if anyone has an authentic Elvis story it would be Flett.

"Elvis Aaron Presley died in Memphis August 16, 1977. Do you remember that day and where you were? Most everyone does. That night the Flett Bros Band were playing at the Dart Lounge on Hwy 80 East in Bossier City, La. Throughout the day newscasts were scrambling to find out the "cause of death" of Elvis. Bruce asked the crowd of several people at the Dart Lounge, "Does anyone know how Elvis died? Have they announced that yet?" Our keyboardist, Steve Ramey, said (off mic) to Bruce "Jerry Lee shot him," referring to when Jerry Lee was arrested at the gates of Graceland years before that.

Well, that made the band crack up, but the audience did not think it was funny. And, we didn't know Any Elvis songs at the time! We thought we were gonna be tarred and feathered. We came back the next day and learnt several Elvis songs.

Before becoming the House Band at the Dart Lounge in 1977, the Flett Brothers Band was the "house band" at the legendary LakeCliff Club on Cross Lake. We remember an advertisement that appeared in the Shreveport Times in 1954, when Elvis first appeared in Shreveport and played an "off night" at the Lake Cliff.

We will be honoring The King this weekend at Jayne Marie's by Not doing our infamous unrehearsed "Tribute to the Kings". We love Elvis, and we love Priscilla too.

Come and Celebrate Cody Lowery's birthday party this weekend at Jayne Marie's. He'll be 22. Cody will honor the great drummer Max Roach who died today. One of jazz's best and most influential drummers. Cody has a special tribute to him on the song 'West Milam Street'."

Photo of Lowery by Barbara Beaird.

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