Friday, July 15, 2005

Yeero Yeero: a temple to Greek cuisine on a Youree Drive acropolis

One of SptBlog's first posts was about inhaling the food at Yeero-Yeero. We go often, and it has not failed us.

We ate meatball pannini and chicken fajitas and Greek salad and pita with zatziki recently. The food was tender and hot, served capably and redolent of the Mediterranean. And even inexpensive.

Nine year-old Jett decided to have Greek soul food: pastichio. Though I've never been a fan of the dish, more or less a Greek lasagna, this one was creamy and sweet. And it stood the test of take-home: the next day the ingredients tasted top notch.

In a web search on Yeero Yeero I found young Heather Keys' charming site. She's an artist and talented cartoonist. In her blog she wrote " Tonight I went to Yeero Yeero for the first time, (even though I've passed the place a lot in the past, this was the first time I've actually tasted the food). It was very delicious, but more interesting was the decor on the inside. My entire family agreed that this restaurant was having an identity crisis. The outside is white plaster and bright paint, with a drive-through window. The inside is high wooden chairs and marble top tables with small tea lights to eat by. Grecian busts and urns are up on high plaster valences, and they serve your foil-wrapped food over gold-lacquered charger plates. What an oddity! Is this a fast food place, or a sit-down restaurant? Either way, I loved my gyro."

That's a fluent post from a precocious student and I think fans of Thanassos' cooking and decor will appreciate her wonderment.

Evaluate Thanassos' gyros and lots more at 4511 Youree Dr, Shreveport, 71105 - (318) 219-0027. And I will be zatzikied if you post your favorite Yeero items in the Comments section below.

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