Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Atop an acropolis on Youree: Yeero Yeero

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Ah, the pita and tzatziki sauce of the Eastern Mediterranean. The salty lamb strips, the dark dolmades. Locally we're fortunate to have 2 good Greek restaurants, Athenian Delights & the Sea Grille and Yeero-Yeero (six exclamation points on their endearing sign)!

Recently we've enjoyed the elaborate new dining room added to Yeero Yeero. It's like an outtake from My Big fat Greek Wedding inasmuch as it's about Greek pride in food, in hospitality and history. The crystal glasses, marble-topped tables (3) and eating bar, comfortable chairs, tiled ceiling and marvelous brick-a-brack will bring a smiile to one's face.

In several visits we have found the service excellent, the food consistently well-prepared and the tariff remarkably low. Yeero is located atop a small acropolis near the corner of Youree and Southfield/Pierremont. If you don't have time for the dining room, they are adept at drive-through service. Call them at 219-0027.

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love the food it is great