Monday, May 16, 2005

Times recognizes blog community as alternative news source

Now that Times reporter Jennifer Flowers has written about Shreveport-based bloggers, I would like to address the question Why I'm a Blogger and offer readers more personal background ...

* Independent journalist since the 1980's. I wrote regularly for UpState Weekly - music columnist, features - and related publications, such as S'port Business. Wrote a weekly entertainment column for the S'port Journal. Landed articles in downbeat and Southern Living. Enjoyed stints at KTBS TV and KDAQ radio as arts reporter.
* Was a principal writer for Forum News when it was established by Jay Covington & Dennis Harckom.
* Self published How To Mardi Gras. Have sold some 5000 copies through low-key distribution.
* When Times editor Ronnie Ramos killed arts criticism 2 years ago I got angry as well as concerned.
* Realized that Michael G Moore had an outlet for writing in his Moore and I established the Critical Thinking section.
* Rebecca Hudsmith and Noma Fowler-Sandlin joined me in writing about art & culture in the Critical Thinking section.
* Realized that and had made publishing oneself an easy and affordable gig.
* Ideas about what to do with the blog have evolved. I see a niche in people's lives for an online arts & entertainment chronicle. I know that the active community needs to see photos of themselves at events.
* As a Caddo teacher and parent have decided to make my sites family oriented (though links I offer may lead to sites with adult language). Would rather build circulation via the use of elevated vocabulary and post-Monty Python silliness rather than common expletives and French photos.
* Would like to be considered a credible and valuable resource. Would like the blogs to be profitable.
* Want to see arts organizations and other artists establish their own blogs as an alternative to cumbersome traditional web sites.
* Am interested in your evaluation of my work. Am delighted when you send me press releases, photos, descriptions and commentary.
* SptBlog is really more of a 'zine than a blog, isn't it?


DANGe said...

Trudeau I am so glad you are flying the flag of legitimacy. David Nelson was telling me today that he is sure things are swinging up for the better. You are part of that. I am greatful to you. Kudos to Jen Flowers and Alex Kent for their efforts.

Brett Roman said...

I love the in-depth article in The Times. The picture of Robert amuses me greatly. Just a couple of points I would like to add that were not hit upon in the story.
-Blogging as an art. The good thing about new media is that there are no pre set rules, and this is the case with blogging, the different writing styles of the bloggers themselves are entertaining and interesting. For example some bloggers use their blogs to make quick points, while others have thought out essays. There is no right or wrong way to blog, and that freedom gives everyone the opportunity to join in without worrying about set guidelines or a pressure to write a certain way.
-Blogging is good for the body and mind. I have found that putting my thoughts to blogs is a stress relief, no matter how serious the subject matter. Just the idea of free expression at anytime is a soothing feeling. While this is nothing new to writers and those that keep journals, the convinance of the digital age makes it accessible to anyone. Since keeping a diary is an age old tradition that has gone out of style, blogging fills this gap nicely. Blogging is good for the mind, I have found that blogging and putting thoughts in proper order has helped my brain to think quickly, and my thought are more in focus. This is nothing new to educators or those being educated, but for adults like myself that are out of school, it helps keep the brain sharp.

trudeau said...

Thanks for your gracious & thoughtful support. Indeed, david nelson is in many ways progenitor to the efforts described by jenn flowers in the blogger article. You and I are david's children.

Love your insights into blogging! I, too, see it as an art form. The photographic possibilities, the freedom to cut your own style; it's intomic. Thanks, also, to you and Monica for being part of SptBlog's team.

Cathy Carter said...

You are doing a real service for the art community here in Shreveport. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau, Hello! It's Conchita- it was great to see you the other night and get chance to talk. I would be very interested in the Dia Los Muertos project we discussed. My e-mail is I am in the process of setting up a blog at for the other project that I am working on. I will contact you as soon as I get it finished. We also plan to have a going away party for Rob and we would love to have you there.

trudeau said...

Thanks for including me, Conchita. I'm happy you're building a site - great energy there - and will email you for dia de los muertos material.