Saturday, May 21, 2005

Science in Art competition on display at SciPort Sat, May 21, from 10 to noon

The Sforza Award for clever thinking this week goes to SciPort for inaugurating the Science In Art Competition. The event takes place from 10 to noon, Saturday, May 21, at SciPort's river front emporium.

Criteria include
* any art media
* no larger than 24 X 30
* must represent a concept in math or science
* artist must be ready to discuss the concept seen in the art.

In the illustration above Nick the Potter, guest artist, teaches pottery students at Caddo Magnet High School how he gives his raku pottery an alcohol bath in order to get an unusual glaze. "Now that's a great example of science in art," said CMHS art teacher Holli Hennessy.

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