Thursday, May 19, 2005

CD release parties: Systolic's new melodic crunch at 516 Soundstage, Fr, and Sully's Tavern, Sat

Jimmy Wooten, leader of Systolic, is a red-headed musician of major capabilities. Put a Strat in his hands and you will hear all the tough stuff you can imagine. Put him behind a drum kit and you will not be able to sit down - he has been playing drums since age 4 and he's rock solid. And he sings well, too.

His parents, James and Tammy, raised him on rock 'n roll. They've had a group called the Gator-Dilla Band for many a swamp moon.

Systolic features some of the hot young guns of the area: Jonathan Machen, Cody Lowery and Ryan Dougherty. They write and play songs that remind me of King's X. "We've been told we sound like Nickelback, too," said Wooten.

Wooten is more than a multi-talented rocker. He's a gentleman and a hard-working, do-it-all guy. I've known him for 6 years and watched him grow. More info at their site.

Catch them
Fr, May at 516 Soundstage
Sat, May 21, Sully's Tavern
Fr, June 3, Red River Entertainment District (RRED)
Sat, July 4, RRED

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