Saturday, July 18, 2015

Movement, posture and wellness: Classes with artist and healer Dorothy Kristin Hanna at Arodasi

Ah Arodasi, Shreveport: Dorothy Kristin Hanna

Arodasi is a school and treatment center created by Dorothy Kristin Hanna to move people to a higher level of health. Hanna says her goal is "to provide passage to an enlightened sense of awareness congruent with one's true nature."

She has practiced as a health giver - via Reiki, Feldencreiss, yoga, dance and meditation - for three decades. But Hanna brings two lives to her healing practice. She is known as a painter, choreographer and filmmaker. Yet she is, too, a leader of yoga classes. And being a dancer, she has insight that allow her to be unusually effective in the application of Reiki and Feldenkreiss therapies.

Having worked with her as an artist as well as having enjoyed and been refreshed by Reiki sessions, I can give her my highest recommendation.

Arodasi classes. 318-834-0948. Arodasi Dance, 327 Market St, Shreveport

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