Sunday, July 05, 2015

Broiling Shreveport with reds and yellows: the sketches of Thomas M Little at Rhino Coffee from July 8 to Aug 10

Thomas Little exhibit, Rhino Coffee

Modest, quietly driven, capable and highly productive, sculptor-sketcher Thomas M Little steadily works at capturing life in Shreveport. His sketches are quick, intuitive and boiling with reds and yellows. He is a laconic man. Yet he is on the scene, enjoying music, crowds and events of all sorts.

His stone sculpture has also enabled him to claim a righteous spot in the art scene.

Little is a classic artist, isn't he?

See his exhibit at Rhino Coffee, 721 Southfield Rd, Shreveport, July 8 - Aug 10. Reception July 16, 6 pm. Meanwhile, see work by Little at The Agora Borealis, Shreveport.

Highly recommended.

Thomas Little sketchbook

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